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The Alma Center stands out for its unique approach to face violence with healing. By addressing the root cause of this inter-generational problem, we are transforming lives.

Our award-winning, innovative programs cut through to the cause. Instead of looking at abusive men as monsters, we see the authentic person behind the problem—the hurt man who is crying for help.  Through media stories, interviews and videos, the Alma Center strives to increase awareness of our healing approach and the transformative impact it has on the entire community. Follow links to media coverage below.


November 3, 2017:  TODAY’S TMJ4 Positively Milwaukee

Life after prison: The Alma Center offers hope

We know that hurt people hurt people, so we dedicate ourselves to helping break the cycle of violence in order to heal individuals, relationships and families. (See full video)


November 2, 2017:  TODAY’S TMJ4 Positively Milwaukee

Former inmate discusses the challenges of freedom after incarceration 

THANK YOU to TMJ4’s Carole Meekins for highlighting the value of our healing-focused care approach and to Bader Philanthropies for its financial support of our work. Most of all, we thank James Cross for his candor in sharing his journey and giving others hope for the future. “I came to the Alma Center and found a place where people wanted me,” he said. (See full video)


October 28, 2017:  Milwaukee Courier

The Alma Center Restores Wholeness to Men

With the support from Bader Philanthropies and other generous donors, we are able to help more men like Alma program graduate Jessie Watkins.  Executive Director Terri Strodthoff believes people are born whole, but experiences through life take away that wholeness. “We help these men become whole again by taking it back to their past and discovering what caused these men to become violent. The Alma Center doesn’t defend the wrongs the men have committed, but we understand trauma and healing — these men need help instead of being labeled as an outcast of the community.”  (Read full story)


October 20, 2017:  TODAY’S TMJ4 Positively Milwaukee

Kitonga Alexander, the Alma Center’s Welcome Home Initiative Coordinator, received the Inspiring Teacher award at the first-ever Positively Milwaukee Awards. He’s a a former classroom teacher who has made it his life’s mission to help give men a second chance at success after incarceration. (See full video)


October 9, 2017:  Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Bader Philanthropies Provides Alma Center $100,000 in program support to break the cycle of domestic violence in Mlwaukee 

“Traditionally, programs that work with men who have a history of violence or abuse take a very punitive approach, focused on consequences and punishment,” said Terri Strodthoff, PhD, founder and executive director of The Alma Center. “Research on the impact of childhood trauma has taught us that children who grow up in environments with such extreme toxic stress learn to adapt their behavior to survive the adversity.”

The men we work with are the boys who have grown up experiencing and witnessing serious adversity, such as emotional, physical and sexual abuse, substance addicted parents, absent fathers and community violence. More than half of them have not lived with or had a relationship with their father, yet nearly 90 percent of the men who come to the center are fathers. (Read full story)


December 17, 2016: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Alma Center addresses root cause of domestic violence

The center’s 10-person staff addresses the trauma experienced by men who grow up in the midst of abuse and violence, incorporating “trauma-informed healing,” education, social services and peer relationships to help end the cycle of violence in their families. (Read full story)


January 19, 2016: Shepherd Express

Heroes of the Week: The Alma Center Volunteers and Staff Help Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence

The nonprofit Alma Center (2821 N. Fourth St.) was founded in 2004 by Terri Strodthoff and provides evidence-based, trauma- and healing-informed programming to adult males with violent histories to help them break the cycle of domestic violence. (Read full story)



November 25, 2015: WPR


Staff, graduates, local dignitaries and friends of the Alma Center gathered recently for a formal presentation of a national award created to highlight local programs that can serve as models for ending domestic violence. (Read full story)