Our Mission

The Alma Center works locally and nationally to break the cycle of domestic violence in families by changing abusive men.  We are a research based gender-specific agency providing pioneering trauma-informed healing, education, social services and a positive peer community to support abusive men’s peaceful and lasting transformation. Our vision is that all men become positive […]

Our Work

We know that violence is learned. The men we work with are the little boys who grew-up with serious childhood trauma– witnessing domestic violence in their own homes, having been the victims of child abuse and neglect, or living day-to-day in environments rife with violence, victimization, injury and death. Compelling new research in brain science […]

Our Approach

The Alma Center works from a trauma and healing-informed organizational culture and program practice. We have a broad understanding of trauma, as not only the effects of direct adverse experiences, but also of the wounds inflicted by growing-up in a culture with a deep and unresolved history of racism, sexism, gender and ethnic oppression. It […]