MWL Frequently Asked Questions

men we love
Can there be more than one man per photo?
Can more than one person dedicate?
Can the book be a surprise?
Can I submit a dedication to someone who has passed away? 
Can I see the photograph before the book is released?
Can I get copies of the photograph?
When is book released  & how do I get book?
How do I get a copy of the book if I can not attend the release party?
Can I buy additional photos?

Can there be more than one man per photo?

No, unfortunately we are only able to offer one man per photo/dedication page.

One goal of this project is to highlight the many different ways men are important to our lives. The collection of unique personalized stories about each individual men is the best way to achieve this goal. The distinct aspects of each story help us see and understand the special impact of a single individual in the lives of those who love him.

Also, Men We Love© is a high quality art photography book. The book concept was developed with extensive input from the graphic designer and photographer. These individuals donate a significant portion of their time and services to the project. In return for their contribution, we are honoring their artistic direction for the project. Their vision is also one man per photo.

 MWL 2-9.2Can more than one person dedicate?

Absolutely! Be creative! Spread the love and divide the cost with family, teammates, co-workers etc.

Can the book be a surprise?

We won’t tell him!

If you are planning to keep the book a surprise, please know that the photographer will not discuss production of the book during the photo shoot. He will simply indicate that you have commissioned a portrait photo of the man for some reason unknown to him. It is then up to you to keep the secret until the book is released!

Can I submit a dedication to someone who has passed away?

Yes, but in this instance you will need to submit your own photo that will be scanned, reframed and printed for the book. The photographer will work with you to ensure that the photos submitted are of the quality needed to match the book design.

The photo will be returned to you.

Can I see the photograph before the book is released?

If we let you, then we will have to let everybody! We do have a deadline to uphold!  The photographer is responsible for choosing photos that show the uniqueness and beauty of each man.
Can I get copies of the photograph?
Of course you can!

Additional prints of portraits from the photo shoot will be available for on-line purchase following your photo shoot. Erin Harris Photography will not mention Men We Love© in the gallery title of your photos, so that it can still remain a surprise.

MWL 2-9.1When is the book released and how do I get a book?

Men We Love©
will be released TBA at the book release party on Father’s Day weekend. The evening will feature a social hour, dinner , and unveiling of the honored men via presentation.

The event is an extraordinary, one-of a kind, life-long memory for the men—and quite a kick-off to Father’s Day weekend. You may want to invite a table full of family and friends to join the celebration. You can imagine what a tremendous surprise it will be for him!!  It really is a treasured gift and a fantastic experience.

You will be receiving your invitation to the Release Party by email (to ensure that the secret is not leaked by an inadvertent opening of US Post mail). The invitation can be forwarded to family and friends by email. If you prefer they receive a hard copy invitation, we will need to collect names and addresses from you.

Men in the book have free entrance to the event. Additional tickets and tables may be purchased. 

How do I get the book if I cannot attend the release party?

If you are unable to attend the Release Event, the book can be picked up at the Alma Center TBA.

Can I buy additional photos?