Our Programs

Using the best research available, the Alma Center has developed the following core programs:

Men Ending Violence. A trauma resolution and education program that explores root causes of intimate partner violence, focuses on healing past trauma and developing attitudes and behavior that will support respectful intimate partner relationships in the future.

Restorative Fatherhood. A fatherhood education program exploring personal experiences of fathering to learn compassion, forgiveness, and responsibility, and to build positive, developmentally appropriate nurturing fathering and co-parenting values, attitudes and skills.

Wisdom Walk to Self Mastery.  An integral approach, pioneered by Jojopah Nsoroma an indigenous healer and shaman, which combines new discoveries in neurological science and proven therapeutic techniques with indigenous healing wisdom.  The program is organized around the five basic elements of the Dagara medicine wheel (fire, water, earth, nature, mineral).  Participants progress through the healing circle as if on a journey through the five elemental landscapes. Exercises, activities and rituals focus on cognitive, affective and behavioral recovery/restoration to transform the debility of trauma to a strength that can help man assume their full responsibilities in their families and communities.

Finding Work. This component combines life skills and employment services into a targeted effort to overcome employment barriers, improve employability, build skills for job retention and success, and get men employed in jobs that will enable them to support themselves and their families.